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There are at least five artists with the moniker Crossover:

1) Crossover is an electroclash band formed by Mark Ingram and Vanessa Tosti in New York City. They released their first album in 2001. Read more below.

2) A gothic/symphonic black metal band from Greece is also called Crossover. Read more below.

3) Crossover - a Christian Rock/Worship band from San José, Costa Rica.

4) CrossoveR - a punk band from Novi Sad, Serbia:

5) Crossover is a Christian rapper, whose works can be located on his Bandcamp.

1) Crossover (electroclash): The story begins in the year 2000 on the streets of New York City with a bootleg copy of Crossover's debut album Fantasmo. Word traveled fast, and their music was being played all over the city. VEE & DEZ brought a copy to DJ Hell of International DeeJay Gigolo Records. This meeting marks the start of CROSSOVER's whirlwind adventure. Beginning with their first ever performance during Berlin's Loveparade weekend at Club WMF, sharing the stage with Miss Kittin & The Hacker, Fischerspooner, and Vitalic - just to name a few. Shortly after, the duo sets off for a 28-date tour throughout Europe and major cities in America. From New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles to Canada, Germany and Spain. Belgium, Holland, Switzerland to London, Paris, and Rome. CROSSOVER set stages ablaze to enthusiasts worldwide. Their intense multi-media show combines art, music, theatre, film and in no way is your typical concert. Those in attendance always walk away with something in hand, be it "Mystik Trucker" paraphernalia or a copy of CROSSOVER's Pirate Communique (hand-bound books published by The M/T/A). Some of these performances include very special events such as; an exclusive UK show at the Electric Stew party, Colette's 5th year anniversary-Paris, Barcelona's Sonar Festival, and the unique Shari Vari festival in Switzerland. Also mentionable is Sonic Mook Experiment's "Future Rock & Roll" weekend with CROSSOVER opening for the legendary Suicide. As well as headlining the closing of the WMF club-Berlin.

All this hard work paid off with incredible media attention from an array of magazines to radio play. From television to the catwalks of major fashion shows. Having features in NME, ID, The Face to the "choice" pick in the Saturday London Times. They gained the "stamp of approval" from John Peel on his radio show, and were featured on BBC's Ross Allen show. Their music wins constant rotation on Radio NOVA, and climbed from #10 to #2 on Ralf Summers "Zundfunk" BR3 radio. CROSSOVER also received attention from German MTV, Belgian MTV and Paris' famous Fashion TV, which led to televised interviews. VEE & DEZ also had the opportunity to have their portraits taken by Rock photographer Mick Rock (David Bowie, Queen, Lou Reed) and art photographer Terry Richardson (Sisley, Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue). A handful of songs from CROSSOVER's album were sub-licensed to many great compilations, including Rough Trade's Best of 2002 (Mute). And were used for fashion shows such as Chanel, Christian Dior, Chaiken & Capone, Pauric Sweeney and most recently Balenciaga. Further fruits of their labor include collaborations with recording artists and producers; Mount Sims, Adamski, and Canada's Tiga - Turbo Records, International Deejay Gigolo Records.

After designing their logo, album covers, and numerous flyers, etc., Apple's Macintosh asked CROSSOVER to create an ad for the first iPOD, which was displayed for i-Fashions, 5 gallery showing (Paris, Rome, New York).

CROSSOVER also released "The Journey to Gröb" Maxi Single. This 12" includes a remix by Tiga of their song "Phostographt". And a new song "Over Exposure" which has been sub-licensed to the "Just Jeans" company for their recent television commercial. The spot is now being aired on every station in Australia and New Zealand. "The Journey to Gröb" also features the first installment of the "not so sci-fi" adventures of VEE & DEZ. The cover is designed by Kenzo Minami and also comes with a hand drawn insert by CROSSOVER. The group released their second full-length album entitled Cryptic and Dire Sallow Faced Hoods Blast off Into Oblivion in 2005 and are currently working on a third. Who knows what the future will hold as CROSSOVER will always be up to new tricks.

CROSSOVER - FANTASMO 2001 - CD & 2 X 12"

New York’s CROSSOVER are still pursuing their dream to create a new brand of electronic music. CROSSOVER is, in fact, more than just a band. Compromised of Desmond and Verona, they are musicians, storytellers, and characters within a phantasmagoric story. "Drum machines and synthesizers are the chariot of our folk tales," Desmond elaborates. Their organic blend of stripped-down synths and beats has a mythical, surreal feel to it. The first few tracks on their "Fantasmo" debut are pure, smart, sassy pop, whilst some of the later songs are reminiscent of that feeling of heightened awareness, just before sleep takes over, when dream images start flitting through the brain at hyper-speed. Through the mind's eye, it is a record as visually entertaining as it is aurally. Formed in 1998, CROSSOVER are the self-described "Choose Your Own Adventure" of the new cosmic junk bands. Their musical influences include everything from Pentangle to Judas Priest, cosmic music, early electro, disco, new wave and "the do it yourself" ethic of punk rock. Let the clues guide your way through.

1 Lucida Obscura (4:20)
2 Phostographt (3:06)
3 Extensive Care (4:44)
4 The Great Katanza (3:15)
5 Green Teeth (3:04)
6 Kobe (6:03)
7 Lady Dragon Slayer (3:04)
8 F.Lying T.Errible W.Alrus (3:50)
9 Phantom Hero (2:40)

CROSSOVER - Cryptic and Dire Sallow Faced Hoods Black Off Into Oblivion 2005 - CD & 5 Song EP

CROSSOVER plays the Dark Cozmik Sound! Here they come again to put a spell on you with... "Cryptic and Dire Sallow Faced Hoods Blast Off into Oblivion". CROSSOVER with their Moon Worship, Forest Fantasy, and Dark Star Loneliness are antagonistic practical jokers, spinning a web of myth with their own cult of obscurity. Their rejection of society is direct cultural sabotage. With their fantasy orientated point of view they declare an absurdist art war. From the sublime to the ridiculous - they call for radical liberation. They exist on the outside. Vee & Dez, also known as the beauty and the beat, currently reside in the Metro forest. In this episode our heroes will put a stop to OB-TV broadcasting which transmits from freehold to Sherborne. This corporation of programming is run by Oblivia. Her slogan is "All you need is glove." Vee & Dez face many obstacles on the big grid including the Space Indians who chant, "Earth above, sky below." There is not much time to reach the footbridge that is just before Gardon's Krillian Castle because soon the game will be over. So sink your pointy little teeth into this!

1 Disgrace Chateau (5:02)
2 Messages (5:17)
3 Chimera Chimera (4:03)
4 Apples On A Stick (3:51)
5 Radio Spazio X (3:55)
6 My Wave (4:20)
7 Avatar (3:25)
8 Pointy Little Teeth (4:07)
9 The Visitor (4:26)
10 Wilde Chylde (4:17)
11 Psychic Babies (5:11)
12 Half Garden Half Jail (4:21)
13 I Know Your Face (3:37)
14 Bats Fly Free Thru My Head (5:26)

NIGHT HAWKS / OB-TV 2007 - CDR Single

Previously unreleased incantations - Night Hawks & OB-TV from the Basement Sessions. Two dark Cozmik gemz for the true headz with ritualistic beats, thumping bass lines and eerie hypnotic synths.
Night Hawks is the Mystik Trvcker anthem. A dirty and spaced out jam.
On this one DEZ barks about flesh lust, radical cancer cells, and big black mechanical birds. The listener will be entranced by OB-TV. A creepy wave lullaby - a twisted bed time story. In this chapter VEE introduces us to Oblivia, her midget droids, and her nasty scheme. Those who have been following VEE & DEZ on their ghost chase will have to have this installment. As always with CELLAR DOOR this clandestine release is hand numbered and very limited.

CROSSOVER - LIVE IN BERLIN 2005 (digital release only)

Three live songs from a CROSSOVER ritual recorded one night in Berlin.
This release captures VEE and DEZ on stage during the now mythic "Oblivion" tour 2005.

The club was hot, low lit, and sold out.
CROSSOVER arose from the fog machine with a knock-down-drag-out show of live wired synthesizers,
battered drums, and head butted equipment. Black candles in beer bottles lined the edge of the stage.
VEE and DEZ made sure each were lit before they began.

Their visuals were a barrage of nightmarish kaleidoscopic nature-scapes and CROSSOVER iconography that draped the entire hall.
Occasionally they would show off their prize severed head named “Windy” to an unsuspecting crowd.

VEE the galactic nymph and DEZ the soothsayer went heavy for an hour of creepy electronic sermons.
After the last song the two jumped into the crowd handing out copies of their zine and then they were gone.

If you weren't lucky enough to say that you were there,
here is your chance to check out this cult underground band with their unique hardcore spaced out sound.


Mark Ingram and Vanessa Tosti also known as Vee & Dez
formed CROSSOVER in New York City and released their first album
"Fantasmo" pioneering dark underground electro folk tales in 2001.

In 2005 they released their second album
"Cryptic and Dire Sallow Faced Hoods Blast off into Oblivion" again
ahead of the pack with their own unique style of "cozmik" music.
The two lived in Berlin for a spell and did European tours for both albums
including shows in major cities in the US and Canada.

The mystery surrounding the band has gained them a cult like
following and also won them features in rags
such as The Face, ID, Dazed and Confused, NME, D-Side, Blow Up, Jockey Slut, Sleaze Nation,
and Nylon, amongst others.

Along the way they have put out limited and hand numbered
unreleased music and art on their own DIY non-label Cellar Door.
Under this banner one can obtain "Anti-Cvlt" propaganda and
regalia including hand screened shirts, patches and badges.
Also the Pirtae Communiques, which are hand printed & bound fanzines
that the band uses to disseminate their ideas and artwork.

CROSSOVER have shot, directed, and edited their own
videos including "Over Exposure", "Apples on a Stick","I know Your Face" and most recently "Black Mess" as well as creating the artwork layouts for their albums.

Folklore devils, CROSSOVER, the creepy electronic band
are back with their pariah mythos - descending upon us
with their new album SPACE DEATH.

This time they would like to be known only as Rat Boy and Rat Girl
and for their sound to be referred to as Gloom - a dark craft -
dirty, spaced out, sad and beautiful.

This album goes deeper into the world of CROSSOVER both lyrically and musically.
One will sense they have been many moons since their last release.
This time the sound and themes run darker and heavier in the instrumentation with hard-edged electronics. The songs range from dusted out dance floor head bangers, screwed up electro punk madness, and even some future-now melancholy ballads. These songs make up their own pioneered sound which they call GLOOM - sick synths, nasty beats, and haunting melodies. These will be the soundtracks to your dreams and the anthems in your head during all of your waking hours. Each song being quite different from that last yet, somehow relating to each other as if they are chapters in a book. It would seem that lyrically both RAT BOY & RAT GIRL have some things to get off their chests on this one. Their fans will be more than pleased to find that CROSSOVER stay true to their sound, vision, d.i.y. ethic, and underground spirit. The fans have been waiting for this! Not only will cult music collectors, art-rockers, and fashionistas be rabid for this release. Just like the other CROSSOVER albums, their music will reach many audiences.


1. Black Mess
2. Lost Sheep
3. Computer Simulated Mountains
4. Hard Winter
5. The Weight
6. Jack Knife
7. Space Death
8. I Think I Wanna Kill Myself
9. Caveman To Spaceman
10. Dark Blue

2) CROSSOVER was born in 1997 from the ashes of other bands, originally as Zion. During September of 1999, they record their first promo CD called Promo 2000. The line-up is finalized and CROSSOVER transforms their music with a harder and darker sound. During January of 2002 they record at Nemesis Studios and put into circulation officially in an independent production, their first Mini CD titled “Over The Cross”

CROSSOVER had a lot of pleadings and finally they signed with the French, Dead Sun Records. Also participate in many collections of the extreme sound all over the world such as “Greece Attacks Vol.II”. The debut album was out on October 2002 under the title “Debauchery” and has 12 tracks.

Many live appearances in Greece, Turkey and Cyprus with Rotting Christ, Septic Flesh, Nightfall, and Homo Iratus from our homeland and Dark Funeral (SWE), God Dethroned (NL), Marduk (SWE), Ancient (NOR), In Memory (IT), Arkhon (CY), Entity (CY), Sabbah Navahthani (CY).
In 2004 CROSSOVER signed with Sleaszy Rider Records for 2 records. The latest album “Dogma” (SRR 026) with guest appearance on vocals by Kaiaphas (ex Ancient) is available in all specialist music stores.
In 2006 the band continues to play many important gigs, while currently CROSSOVER is heavily working on the new material for the forthcoming full-length release entitled “Pythagorized” with guest appearance on vocals by Aphazel (Ancient), Jan (Agathocles), Tristessa (Astarte), Nick (Lloth, Insected), Liza (En-garde), out in November, on Sleaszy Rider Records!
Most of the lyrics are written by ZION and Marietta Malta while the music is all by CROSSOVER and MichayeL personally.
Graphics and Layout Supervisor for CROSSOVER is Zila, stylist/mortal fashion designer is Helena.

The current line-up of CROSSOVER is:
ZION - Vocals/Bass,
Ifigeneia - Vocals,
Archon - Guitar,
MichayeL - Keyboards/Guitar & Orchestral Arrangements,
Zoltan - Drums.

Band's myspace: and site:

Members of CROSSOVER are also participating in the project-band called Zion.

3) They have two three albums "Un día" (2001 - Independent release), "Dulcemente Quebrantado" (2009 - Vine Yard Records) and "Una sola cosa" (2010 - Vine Yard Records) Facebook Page:, MySpace:

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Green Teeth


Crossover The Great Katanza

The Great Katanza


Crossover Lady Dragon Slayer

Lady Dragon Slayer


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